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“Home isn’t just an aesthetic. It’s a feeling.” Step inside Anne’s world a joyful, meditative, and colorful place where rooms are artful canvases that exude style and nourish the soul. For her first book, the acclaimed designer pulls from influences as wide-ranging as travel, music, food and drink, fashion, and nature. MOOD is an ever-evolving journey through the seven key emotions a brilliantly designed home should evoke:

Happy, Relaxed, Energized, Cozy, Sexy, Tranquil, and Nostalgic.


Travel Guides

“Wanderlust” is Anne’s favorite word. Her ongoing desire to travel and learn is a big part of who she is and what she does. The treasures she find leave an impression on her heart and mind and find their way into the spaces she designs.

Anne’s Personal Playlists

A lifelong music lover, Anne curated five unique playlists to accompany key chapters throughout the book. Chill out with the “Sunday Morning” tunes or rev up with “Dance Party,” according to your MOOD—and all available on Spotify.

Anne’s Favorite Recipes

Knowing that food has the power to conjure moods just as much as design, Anne shares her go-to recipes, from perfect cocktails and crowd-pleasing appetizers to comforting family favourites.

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